• Image of The Corpse Door (Version Four)

Don't let draugr into your home. For the dead have no place there. And the only way into a house is through The Corpse Door - A horror comic about viking zombies.

Black and white with colour cover. 57.35" 28 pages

A wealthy Norseman has passed away – and returned as a draugr. While he may very much be the walking undead, he is still plagued by the attributes of life; he only wants to get out of the cold, eat some food…why will no one help him get through the corpse door and back into his house?

If there was a comic-hill that Kris Sayer would die on, it’d be The Corpse Door. (Only it wouldn’t be a hill, it’d be a barrow, surrounded by Viking zombies). She first wrote The Corpse Door for Gurukitty Studios in 2011, as a ‘test’ to see if she could actually complete and publish a comic. While Sayer accomplished this, she wasn’t satisfied with her art. So she redid it in 2013. And frantically redid it again, just in time for TCAF 2014. She was finally satisfied…until she uploaded a slightly-animated version in 2015, and decided that one day, she’d have to redo it. That day finally came, and The Corpse Door, Version 4 (aka Corpse Door Once More, With Feeling) was finally created and printed in 2017