• Image of Trolls!

A comic guidebook of sorts about different types of Trolls during the viking age, as "narrated" by Tatterhood.

Black and white, 6.25x8" 28 pages

During the Viking Age, various types of trolls lived alongside humans – and one troll tracker knows all about them (maybe). This comic-guidebook-of-sorts provides a look into the world of trolls, from the powerful Jötnar, to the stubborn Gildigífr, to the foul Brunnmigi.

Just remember to read all the presented information with a grain of salt – after all, this is ‘An Incomplete and Likely Inaccurate Bestiarum Vocambulum About Trolls According to Totra Þórgríma Hrímhildarsdóttir, Otherwise Known as Tatterhood’.